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Here it is, my landing page.

Grab some coffee, sit down, and take a quick break.

Whatever it is you're worring about can wait until you're ready.

I'm Averie.

Here's a little bit about me.

I do responsive web design, RHEL and FreeBSD systems administration, and program in languages like JavaScript, PHP, C, Shell, some R, and more.

My name is spelled slightly different on this website. "Averie" is a more obscure spelling of "Avery". This is an intentional choice that serves two purposes: to improve SEO and to avoid confusion on pronunciation. You can't possibly imagine how many times I've been called "A Very" or "Every". is a meaningless name. It's purpose is only to be a domain name that resolves to my server's IP address, not a clever marketing scheme. It sounds neat. That is all.

Here are some projects I've worked on.

All as a labor of love . . . or out of personal necessity.

All of my projects are hosted at:
And are mirrored to:


Cornerhits is a simple game inspired by the bouncing DVD screensavers. It's written in LUA with Love2D. The goal is to resize the window, trying to get the DVD logo to hit the corners.


Requires window manager tweaks to work properly, might not even start if Microsoft decided you can't have OpenGL2.x


Cowcolor is a small bash script inspired by cowsay. The cow speaks in color. This particular script uses FreeBSD's mascot but you could easily modify the file with you favorite cowfile.


Depends on your shell
Works in Cygwin


Cubetimer is a fast, curses based speedcubing timer written in C. It's probably more accurate than whatever other browser based javascript monstrosities exist out there.

Wscons doesn't support curses colors
Works with Cygwin but you must install the 'devel' package set


9fetch is an rc script that attempts to emulate the behavior of neofetch but on plan9. I felt conflicted writing the script and even more conflicted publishing it. I personally find *fetch programs absolutely abhorrent. I understand that some people use their computer soley for staring at ascii logos . . . but I have work to do. I provide these scripts in hope that that they can be reverse engineered to help someone learn rc basics.


Nixphere is a multi-user private shell server that provides web hosting, pleroma, and xmpp - all made possible with FreeBSD. Additionally, I have configured an OpenBSD powered email server running under the same domain. The server provides a place for me to practice my sysadmin skills while multiple users are mucking about the system learning UNIX for themselves.

Magick Toolsimage
Magick Tools

My Magick Tools are simple tools written in JavaScript and PHP. There is a Tarot tool, a Pranayama timer, an English Hebrew keyboard translator, and a Liber 777 table. I created these tools because I needed them; there were no good existing tools. I only hope that they might be useful and benefit others.


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